New CCP-Early Childhood Comprehensive Project


YES! In Rock County successfully applied to be a pilot site for a state program called Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Project. General goals of the ECCS project are to mitigate toxic stress in infancy and early childhood, improve healthy physical, social and emotional development for these ages, and increase access to needed early childhood services by improving quality and availability of services at local and state level. The pilot provides technical assistance only, not funding.

There are three required activities in the pilot: convening a Community Planning Session, attending an Action/Awareness Day (4/17/15) in Madison, and participating in a local 8-week group for parents and professionals caring for children (0-5 yr.) who have experienced trauma.

There are optional activities included in the pilot; the ones YES! In Rock County selected in the application process are expansion of community awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), use of Pediatric Mental Health Screening Tools, and implementation of the Pyramid Model promoting social emotional development of very young children.

ECCS Pilot Work Flow

ECCS Pilot Activity List FINAL

ECCS Activity Chart FINAL


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