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Wisconsin Children’s Mental Health Report
Wisconsin Mental Health Report
YES! Narrative Final (2) - See this crucial report about the needs of our community.
Other resources:
40 Percent of Youths Attempting Suicide Make First Attempt Before High School, Study Finds
Child Abuse in Birds: Study Documents ‘Cycle of Violence’ in Nature
Poverty-Related Stress Affects Readiness for School
Treatment for Juvenile Offenders Shows Shows Positive Results 22 Years Later
Dreaming Takes the Sting out of Painful Memories, Research Shows

Men with Disabilities Four Times More Likely to Be Sexually Abused than Men without Disabilities
A new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine reports that men with disabilities are more than four times more likely to be victimized by sexual assaults compared to men without disabilities.

What Military Patients Want Civilian Providers to Know
Childhood Abuse May Increase Risk For Heart Attack, Stroke
How Cumulative Risks Warrant A Shift In Our Approach To Racial Health Disparities: The Case Of Lead, Stress, And Hypertension
Reports on Psychotropic Medication and Children in Foster Care
20/20′s report on the use of psychotropic medication with children in foster care
US: Why Are So Many Foster Care Children Taking Antipsychotics? Time Magazine  November 29, 2011
“More than 8% of children in foster care have received antipsychotic medication, and just over one quarter of those in foster care who also receive disability benefits take these drugs, according to a recent study in the journal Pediatrics.”
Webinars and Other Resources
What About You?  Workbook for those who with others
New ACE Website
ACEs Too High - “ACESTooHigh is the go-to site for background, news and information about the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, developmental neurobiology (how experiences affect a child’s developing brain and nervous system), and epigenetics (how our genes turn off and on in response to our experiences and social environment).”
More on Penn State
Our very own Ramel Smith, Milwaukee, wrote the following blog article:

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