Goals and Objectives

  • Increase knowledge on how to foster the healthy social and emotional development of youth

1.      Identify target population(s) (e.g. parents, community, service providers, educators, employee assistance providers, legislators, hospital/clinics)

a)      Identify what information the target population is getting and where/how the information is getting to them.

b)     Evaluate what is happening to information disseminated to target population and determine whether the target population lacks information or whether the information needs to be disseminated in a more effective manner

c)      Review literature to determine best practice strategies to disseminate information to raise awareness regarding the value of fostering the healthy social and emotional development of youth and increase knowledge of target population

d)     Disseminate information to the identified target population regarding the value of fostering a healthy social and emotional development of youth

  • Promote collaboration among parents, agencies, and systems that touch the lives of youth

1.      Identify strengths and barriers to provider collaboration and current models of success in Rock County

2.      Create pathways for services when a child has been identified through the screenings and assessments to need mental health intervention or further evaluation as evidenced by written Memorandums of Understanding and agency policy and protocols

a)      Create pathways to fully implement federal referral requirements under the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Part C Reauthorization of 2004

3.      Identify best practice models for delivering services utilizing collaborative case management with wrap-around services philosophy. Items to consider include having a single point of entry/single point of entry by age and one individualized plan (across systems and across agencies) for each child/family identified as needing intervention.

4.      Identify and strengthen necessary linkages to other local collaboratives with overlapping missions including but not limited to: Homeless Intervention Task Force, Juvenile Court Advisory

a)      Explore viability and effectiveness of a multidisciplinary local community coordinating council

  • Integrate social and emotional development into existing services

1.      Develop service delivery strategies to deliver mental health consultation to early care and education programs and Rock County Schools to address children’s challenging behaviors

2.      Increase emphasis on social and emotional development of children within existing services such as early care and educational systems, health providers, day care providers, home visiting programs, out-of-school time programs for youth, schools, and other social service agencies. This will be evidenced by:

a)      The inclusion of adequate information in the Pre-service preparation for staff

b)     The availability of adequate continuing education for staff on social and emotional development of children

c)      The provision of clinical supervision or mental health consultation for service providers

3.      Expand early identification approaches through the use mental health screenings and assessment tools

a)      Identify current mental health screening and assessment practices within the targeted system

b)     Review literature to determine best practice strategies for community based mental health screens and assessments through the data

c)      Identify gaps and strategies to best address gaps

d)     Implement chosen strategies

  • Assure accessible resources appropriate to the identified social / emotional needs of youth and their families

1.      Develop method of data collection, analysis, and storage to determine the mental health needs of children and the need for specialized services.

2.      Ensure accessibility to appropriate services for parents and other caregivers of children with identified mental health needs

a)      Increase the availability of parent-to-parent support in Rock County including advocacy services

b)     Enhance supportive services for parents and caregivers as needed such as respite care and parent education for special needs children

3.      Ensure accessibility to specialized, evidence-based treatment of children who are affected by child abuse, substance abuse, domestic violence, chronic mental illness, and / or other childhood trauma as need is shown through the data

a)      Seek funding for professional development of providers to enhance specialization of services

4.      Expand the number of mental health clinicians with expertise to treat infant and early childhood mental health

a)      Advocate for adequate funding mechanisms

5.      Enhance the availability of crisis intervention services within school and community settings

6.      Develop linguistically appropriate and culturally competent mental health services

7.      Maximize system capacity through combined funding mechanisms and collective investment of resources

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